Writing is like all art– tri-part. It involves the writer, the written piece, and the reader. Writing for the self is indulgent, while often times over emotionalized–so much so that the reader is unable to relate. It’s not good writing.

What I find inspiring about Charles Dickens is that he exposed real issues, but never gave away his opinion or advice. As the reader you’re able to understand and form opinions on your own. Writing is about digging into reality, but not always knowing what you’re going to find. Its an exploration of humanity.

Important ideas have often been told through story: parables, fables, fairytales, because it is often more persuasive than handing out advice. I’m fascinated by language and its ability to create pictures, worlds, ideas. Its power of implication; its ability to suggest.

I believe bold words have power and a place, but i’m in love with the ability to use language to be subtle and sly.

For me, I write because I want to explore the fall of man as changed by God’s grace. How a man can become unrecognizable after that grace is bestowed, or even how a man resists that change. Or maybe the life of the sluggard in relation to modernity–the same with the virtuous women.

I want to use language because God used language.

I am a writer because of this.