Our pantry is stocked with food and water, but our hearts do not fret. Houston will be hit with hurricane Harvey soon, and they say it will be devastating for Texas.

Yet, instead of fear weaving it’s way into the mind, I sense an excitement. An adventure of powerless houses and board game rivalries that awaits.

To see, and be in awe of the strength of nature; of it’s uncontrollable force.

To hear the crack of thunder and the beat of the wind against every wall of the city.

Here we wait for devastation. Here it could be worse…or it could barely reach us. We don’t know until it fully hits. Until the moment destruction touches us.

I do not worry, I do not fear- for my own. For others I do. For the ones who can’t see a hurricane as a way to light candles and spend hours playing spades by the flicker of the light. For the ones who have no home.

I’m torn between excitement and compassion, and I believe that’s okay.