I’m a homebody.
And the older I get the more I hate crowds.

But writing is like working out- you’re more likely to do it at a gym than at home, or in this case a cafe, library, park. I feel seasoned writers have a routine at home. Wake up at 5 AM, grab a cup of coffee, sit down in a worn out desk chair, and get to work.

I wish I had this routine. I’ve tried this routine. But alas, I was unable to change my natural inclination to be a night owl to be a morning person. Plus I’m only half aware when I wake up that early. I tried for weeks, but to no avail.

I tried writing at home, at different parts of the day, in different areas- all to see if anything felt right for me. It didn’t work out. I live with seven other people (all family members) and so chances are one of my nieces or nephews would distract me, asking me to play. Or maybe I’d hear the T.V. on and get distracted.

Writing everyday is important and I’d say it’s even more so for a young writer.

I find it hard to write at home. I have all my other distractions right there, calling out to me to do something else. To watch T.V., to spend time with family, to go outside and play with my dog, to read a book.

So I’ve been leaving my house to write. Again, not a huge fan of it. Yet, because of my more timid nature when I’m at a coffee shop I can focus on my computer and the sentences I’m writing.

As I write this I’m in downtown Dallas, or I could also call this place “completely out of my element,” but I found a coffee shop (luckily right next to my hotel) and picked a seat and started writing. I concentrate more on my writing alone and away from home.

So to all the other young writers who have been told they need a routine, but can’t seem to do it- leave your house.

Or maybe even the city.