Ever notice how conversations over the phone are a bit…ridiculous?

Recently I wrote about the importance of eavesdropping on conversations. I think it helps when practicing your own dialogue.

However, you have to balance real conversation with your own imaginary twist.

Why? Because real conversations are mostly unrealistic on paper. Because sometimes it’s absolutely impossible to capture true human interaction- as if it’s too real to write.

My phone call with my brother today-

“Hey,” he answered.

I responded the same. We then talked about dinner and then he said he’d call me back when he talked to his wife.

Oh, and we basically sang the whole conversation. I then realized we did goofy things like that in most of our conversations.

And then I thought back to conversations I’ve had with my best friends. Most of my conversations would make unrealistic dialogue.

And so I laughed a little and thought to myself, these are the moments real life conquers fiction.

You can’t capture everything about life in your writing, which makes real life just a little brighter.