3 thoughts on “To destroy a culture | QOTD

  1. Today it might be: Get people reading the wrong ones. Can there be a Wrong Book? Oh, probably; I’m sure there’s an entire right-wing publishing industry dedicated to spreading whatever it is they dream their truth to be these days. Would I burn those? Got a match?

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    • I wonder what you mean by right-wing? 🤔

      I think there are “wrong” books, but that they should still be available if someone out there wanted to read it.

      Is Mein Kampf wrong? I’d say so. Would I read it? No. But I knew someone who wanted to just because they were curious, not of his beliefs, but they way his mind worked.

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      • Information, even in books of questionable or contemptible origin, can be useful — if handled like a virulent contagion. I would never prescribe the utter destruction of all copies of Mein Kampf. But it reading, I would hope, should be done wearing gloves and a breather.

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