I told myself I’d start my novel this year and I meant it, sure, but it’s well into February and I have yet to start on it.

In my defense:

I got a new job – a new job that requires lots of brain work and writing.

And that’s pretty much my only reason. Is it bad that I kind of just forget about my novel sometimes? I start on different short stories and poems and then one day I look at my goals and remember I wanted to get a good draft of my novel done (or almost done) this year.

I set writing goals and I tend to break them…all the time. They aren’t necessarily unrealistic, but to be honest, I prioritize time with family over time writing. Like, if I was planning to write when I got home from work, but my brother wanted to have dinner with me, I’m going to choose my brother.

And that’s okay because I’m going to write, but it’s not number one over everything else in my life.Β It doesn’t make me less passionate about what I do, just means I draw a line when something is more important than my writing. And you have to remember to actually experience life, and not just live through your writing.

So, make goals but don’t beat yourself up if you break them…sometimes other things really are more important.