Outside I feel the heat seeping into every pore the moment the sun touches my skin. I’m simply glad humidity hasn’t quite got its hold in the atmosphere just yet.


To the 0.5% of you who noticed I disappeared in May, fret not, I’m back.

I could say I took a break from all social media (to do what, write?) but alas, I did not. Instead I took May to be away from the blogging world to do not much of anything. I’m only back because I missed my 5 loyal readers.

To the 0.02% who missed the quote of the day posts, they will be back on the morrow.

In case you haven’t caught on this is me trying to be funny. Make my day–tell me I’m hilarious.

Real posts to come. This one is just to say hello again.


On a side note, what are you guys watching? Call me a dork, but I’m watching Poldark.