Define fun?

I mean we have a lot of source material to work with.

I wouldn’t say I grew up poor, but definitely below middle class. Growing up in an environment where I shared a bedroom with two boys and McDonald’s was often a luxury, gives me substance to write with I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Shock, I know. Writing from experience, so original.

You know the saying though: write what you know, then what other people know, then make it up.

Looking back at my childhood, what we didn’t have is what makes my childhood more fun. No pool? We dug a mud pit a filled it with water. No cable? Mr. Rogers it is. No room of my own? Late night shenanigans.

Growing up with less makes me appreciate more, and gives me something to write about that isn’t vain.

So, don’t be afraid to reach back into your life and take something that might not be glamorous because you can make of it what you will.

Find the story that can be manipulated from real life experience that isn’t vain.

Plus, we need less (way less) trash stories about sketchy billionaires.