A “light-hearted” post, where I make a lot of jokes that don’t land.

How I prioritize my life:


I never wanted a career, incase you couldn’t tell by how far down it is on my list. When it comes to writing I don’t believe making it your vocation (I’m planning a whole post on Samuel Coleridge’s view on this that I agree with, but for now I’m being selfish and just talking about myself.)

Now, don’t give me that look. I don’t view a job or career as the key to success in life. I measure my success in relation my who I am, and what I can do for others.

Plus, working sucks even when you like your job. Everyone who says it’s not work if you enjoy it is a liar.

(Laugh, it’s a joke.)

Here’s where I’m at:

I have a degree in writing, specifically chosen so I didn’t have to go into any kind of corporate (gag) job. I got out of college thinking I didn’t want a writing job, because I wanted to write creatively. Writing for a job is draining.

So, anyway, I got a job as a writer. (See where I’m going with this?) I work for a community paper and despite what I thought, I do enjoy it. (But also working sucks, remember.)

I was promoted recently to stay at the community paper but to also work part of the time at a different type of paper the company owns. Now, I’m half of the marketing team there.

Point is, my career is going pretty great.

Point is, I never wanted it. (Hopefully my boss never finds this out.)

So, I find it kind of funny that something so low on my priorities is going so good. I’m thankful, of course. I do need to make money in order to live.

I was joking with my brother the other day – “Yeah, jokes on me. The one thing I’ve always cared the least about is the only thing I have going for me.”

Maybe I should stop caring about everything. Think that would work?

It puts in mind that as much as I wanted to be a plate, I’m a bowl. (Pottery joke.) Meaning, I planned my life differently, but I was given opportunity in places I may not have wanted it, but it worked out for the better.

Don’t miss opportunities just because they’re not what you thought you wanted for yourself. (I’m a motivational speaker now.)

Side note: get you a boss like mine. Literally introduces me like, “This is Zarah, she’s a phenomenal writer, she’s brilliant. She can do anything.”

During that I think, “Wow, that’s the nicest thing, but also he’s a little delusional.”