The title of this blog is a lie.

I recently moved and even with two new bookshelves, I have an overflow of books.

And because my laptop decided to have a display malfunction, I won’t have a laptop for a week-ish. Which means I’m writing this from my phone, and I hate it. This is also my excuse for showing up with this crap blog today.

Anyway, I’ve gotta lot of books. I love having them, so no need to tell me I should get rid of them. Physical > Electronic.

Here’s the before:

During the process of sorting through these I went in and out of two lines of thought. One, I felt like I had way too many books I hadn’t read. Two, I felt that I didn’t have all that many books…and needed more.

Everyone knows moving books is one of the worst parts of moving, so I moved them in sections. (I moved a few blocks away…so it really wasn’t an issue for me.)

Here’s my fiction, short stories, plays, and poetry:

My “collectors” books are hidden behind the bottom half. When I do buy old books I try to buy the ones that are at least 100 years old.

Then on the other side of my room is a portion of my nonfiction:

At the bottom there you can glimpse a piece of my hoarder heart. Half of that section is all my notebooks from college and the other is notebooks from my teenage years. (Basically, all my embarrassing angsty writing.)

Here’s what’s left:

Where I’ll put them, I don’t know.

If you’re inclined to know how I organize my books, I’ll tell ya.

I organize by genre, then divide within those. My fiction is split up into these sections:

Recognizable classics, regular fiction that I haven’t read, regular fiction I have read, classic poetry, poets that aren’t dead yet, plays, and prose about poetry. Books by the same author are only together if they are in the same split.

Nonfiction is split up:

Biographies, autobiographies, nonfiction about culture, war nonfiction, and prose.

I had people suggest to me that I should put my books in storage or leave them packed up. However, I don’t see the point in having books if you can’t enjoy them.

414, not including the tub of books still at my other house.