You’re sitting on the floor, leaning back into the couch and listening to music. Earbuds are in, volume is up, and you’re relatively relaxed.

Suddenly, something comes flying out of the air and smacks you in the chest. It’s round and green and so dusty that particles rush up into your nostrils and into your mouth. The black shirt you’re wearing is covered in green dust.

You tear out your earbuds as you look up into the laughing eyes of your older brother and ask, “what is this?”

“An orange,” he responds.

Understanding clicks into place and you realize you’re holding an orange that’s so rotten it’s green and deteriorating. Now you also understand why your nose burns and your tongue feels like paper.

A scream is wrenched from your throat. Your brother runs away.

And that, my friends, was the first time fury overcame me in only half a second. I can honestly say I’ve never lost my temper so quickly nor completely.