Remember the days when, “If I had more time, I would…” was a good excuse?

Because if I’ve learned anything from having to work from home the past two months it’s that needing more time to be able to do something is just a lie.

But it may just be me.

Texas is currently in the process of reopening, and I think I have about a week left of at-home working, so I thought I’d look back and see what I thought I’d spend my extra time doing…but didn’t.

1. Writing

More writing, that is. I mentioned this in a previous post as well. With all the bad happening, I figured the one good thing that could come out of a pandemic is that I’d have a chance to really dig into my writing…and maybe, just maybe finally get back into fiction.

Yeah, that’s not what happened. Instead my writing time has been consistent with before the stay-at-home order.

2. Reading

The last half of March I did find myself reading much more. Then April hit and I don’t think I’ve pick up a physical book since. I have read a few kindle books, but those are just easy-breezy, get-my-mind-off-of-things kind of books.

I intended to take this time to read some of the books I’ve had in my to-read pile for years.


3. Cooking

I can cook basic meals, like spaghetti or tacos, but I’d really like to learn to cook well.

I never had much time to practice cooking, which always frustrated me. So, these last few months I was really going to stop just trying to cook and actually practice certain techniques.

But I quickly realized to do that, grocery shopping is kind of a have-to. And with a lot of stuff missing from the shelves, this intention just kind of slipped my mind.

I did do a lot of baking at first. I’m much more comfortable in this realm. I make some pretty good homemade biscuits.

4. Eating better

I just want to laugh. I’ve probably never ate worse in my life than I have these weeks stuck at home. Not only am I in constant reach of snacks, we’ve ordered out quite a bit.

5. Hone a new hobby

I’ve been wanting to pick up crocheting for a while, and I finally did. For awhile I did do some basic crochet patterns for a baby blanket and bibs for the newest edition to my family (who was actually born yesterday!)

But I wanted to spend time learning different crochets and practicing making different things.

I give this intention a 50%.

My Excuse:

I live next door to my brother and his family of six. With three nephews and a niece so close by, I don’t think I’ve spent a day not doing something with them.

It’s like I have kids without having kids.

(Honestly, if you have kids, how do you accomplish anything? I need to know for future reference.)

But this excuse isn’t actually an excuse either, it’s just what a did instead: built bonds with the little ones, explored our local reservoir and enjoyed the simplicity of life.

So, how did you intend to spend your time but didn’t? Or did you actually meet your intentions?