“This is what language is:
a habitual grief. A turn of speech
for the everyday and ordinary abrasion
of losses such as this:
which hurts
just enough to be a scar
And heals just enough to be a nation.”
― Eavan Boland, The Lost Land: Poems

Hey guys. It’s me. The last two years I’ve really sucked when it comes to posting. But I miss it.

Here’s a quick update on my thoughts of the last year: “What the heck is going on?” “What the heck happened?”

After a rocky start to this new year, Houston froze about a week and a half ago. Guys. It was crazy. Snow staying on the ground in Houston for more than a few hours was weird. Plus all the…y’know…sudden lack of electricity.

If you liked the part of the poem I posted today, I highly recommend reading the book. She’s an Irish poet and the book is deeply rooted in the country.

Newer, more interesting posts to come.