Anyone else start slowing down around lunch time on Friday? And then start suddenly believing all the work you need to get done can be squished into Monday?

Here are some musings & questions. (No really, it’s Friday and I need to post, but I have nothing prepared–and I’m procrastinating from doing my actual job.)

(1) Would work morale increase if everyone got off at 2 on Fridays? That’s with a lunch.

(2) I have this reading goal I want to meet, but I have so much going on today & Saturday that it’s not going to happen. I probably won’t pick the book back up until Monday.

(3) Food planning / prep is driving me insane. I can’t eat the same thing everyday and I’m away from home most nights.

(4) Do you ever wonder if we’ve misinterpreted great works of art? All forms.

(5) How am I so busy? I was talking to my sister-in-law about this the other day. It seems that no matter where you are in life you’re busy – married, not married; kids, no kids; etc.

(6) Then there are the moments when absolutely nothing is going on and it’s peaceful and weird all at the same time.

(7) What’s something you really wish was real? Mine is the Loch Ness Monster.

(8) If you’ve made it this far you’ll know that this post is probably the most off topic post I’ve ever put out into the world.

(9) Y’all my coworkers say same wacky stuff. “I really hate so and so,” “Why?” “He’s a child molester!” “Yeah, but that was so long ago.”

(10) The trick to two truths and a lie (or is it two lies and a truth?) is to base your lies off of real things and just slightly tweak them.

(11) I feel like I haven’t done much in my short life, but when I talk about my past I feel as though I’ve lived a few different lives.


I know this is out there. Enjoy because this is how my Friday is going.