I have no clue what city we’re technically in. All I know is that we spent six hours fishing salmon in the Little Sue River.

I don’t believe anyone else sees it, nor do they take the time to genuinely ask, but I surprised myself with how much I actually enjoyed the fishing we’ve been doing.

Zephan has his likes and dislikes about Alaska, but for me I truly think I could live here. It’s peaceful and not crowded. Alaska has a certain beauty that isn’t just the landscape itself.

Though I don’t know everything about Alaska, it is easy to fall in love with.

No doubt I miss home, but in ways that I’d be slow to admit.

I don’t miss people, I don’t miss the easy accessibility. I miss the small things. But I don’t actually miss home.


Turns out the river is actually the Little Susitna River. Not sure where it’s technically at – between Willow and Wasilla?

Got up again before daybreak, and I felt wide awake like maybe I oversleep when I’m at home.

Our guide hit a moose on his way to the river and still came and did his job.

Pretty okay (long) day of fishing – but the RV is starting to drive me mad.

Bugs are swirling around my head. I don’t want to go in, but I must.


What is this, half of a cruise has passed so far?

I’ve looked over the rail of the ship so many times, yet each time I’m drawn in by the beauty of the ocean. I may be terrified of the ocean but I’m stunned by its vastness each day. It’s a simple beauty that I’ve seen so many times, but why should being on a boat in the ocean with no land in sight ever cease to amaze?


Lago Vista, Lake Travis.

I don’t know what’s worse, the constant judging of the way other people do things or the fact that last night I had the worst sleep of my life. At least, it felt that way.

On the bright side, from the lake house we have a view of the lake, which is the only part of the lake I’ve seen so far.

Who knew this area was so pretty? I love and hate all the hills. Love, because of the way the landscape speaks of its own beauty. Hate, because it takes longer to go a short distance.

It’s a bit muggy, but it isn’t awful.

The bird have long been awake and I’m still wishing I’d stayed in bed – or got up earlier.

Maybe our family is too big and too stuck in the past to get together this way.

Two red birds were just flying around a tree in front of me – and more than anything it makes me feel like I should know what type of birds they are. I could guess a robin.

I’m awful at journaling, especially since I could have written so much more about the places I’ve been.