By Sarah Broomfield 

I fell in love with poetry in the fourth grade. My school curriculum assigned several poems we would memorize each year and our literature books were also filled with classic poetry.

I loved words. My mind early on wtas given to words over numbers and I was enchanted with how poetry used those words in what to me was the most beautiful manner.

Poetry was undoubtedly my favorite thing in school and memorizing them was more of a hobby than work. A decade later and still a word or phrase spoken can bring to mind one of those many poems I would rehearse daily. The cadence of poetry so wonderfully weaved into my memory.

I printed and covered a wall with my most favorite poems so that I could maintain the practice of them and learn other favorites that weren’t assigned.

In middle school a cousin gifted me with a box of her old college literature books giving me more to devour.

And in college I had the opportunity to take an additional literature course and discovered the rabbit whole of dissecting the oldest of British literature. Up to that point I had felt like I had read all the best poems and much like when you run out of new music that resonates, it made my world feel a little bit smaller and darker.

Then I entered this class and was first assigned Beowulf and my world lit up again. It was so different and captivating. Post school I then discovered the punchy, dramatic and emotional style of slam.

And now at present am blessed with a best friend who has a passion for poetry. And I am even more fortunate that she delivers such nostalgic and lovely pieces that align to my taste. She is also slowly helping me find new poetry to love and appreciate. I look forward to the day she has her own poetry in print.

Poetry has remained a piece of my heart for more of my life than not and I’ll admit to feeling a bit of pity for those who find it frivolous. And in my opinion it is a worthy endeavor to cultivate an appreciation for poetry if one finds themselves lacking.

Sarah Broomfield has been my best friend since freshman year of high school. (Fun Fact: We had awful first impressions of one another, but through the power of going to a small school we had no choice but to talk…Hah.) She’s the best friend, momma and all around person. She’s also my favorite person to send new poems to because I trust her to be honest.


This is the second in a series I’ve been testing out. “Developing a Poetic Mind” is meant to let other express how their love for poetry — or any art really — came about.

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